Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HH Graphic Design at Target

A little while ago, another designer commented on one of my design comparison posts saying something like "I've never seen those logos, why don't you comment on designs that we see around?". I wrote this post is in response to that comment.

I decided to take my digital camera and my discerning eye to the local Target to see what kind of great (and greatly disturbing) designs I could find...here's what I came up with...enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment to tell me if you agree/disagree.


I really like this packaging...it's says "Pow! Buy this mascara!!!"

This is just...plain...boring...

Sorry the pic is a little burry...but I like this packaging, especially the color scheme and the border. The logo is really cute too!

Ugly, ugly, UGLY!! The grey and light pink are extremely washed out, and they look terrible together. What is with the crackled background? It makes me think of wrinkles...I guess they were trying to echo the shapes of the surface of the product...lame.


I absolutely LOVE everything about this packaging! It has a cool, simplistic design, and I like the bright green and grey color choices. The logo is also very cool, I like the interlocking "u" and "m".

This is sooooo bad compared to the previous one. What is with the line at the bottom of the "t"?? It looks like they were trying to make an interesting logo, but only spent 5 seconds designing it. I can't believe this got approved and produced.

I am a big fan of Method products. My eye is always drawn to their line because it looks so classy compared to other cleaning products on the same shelf.

See what I mean? Cheap and cheesy looking. :(


Beautiful design...everything goes together and flows very nicely.

Weird packaging...I don't like the colorful fruit placed with the stark black and white photo.


Crayola has had the same packaging since I was a kid. When it is mixed with a TV character that kids love, you get a winning combination, and kids will want it.

Just a mis-mash of colors, gradients, and fonts...too much is going on here.


Lexar uses color and gradients in a smart and inviting way. I also like the drawings on the front of the packaging that help guide technology inexperienced people.

Come on Motorola...This is boring! It's simple, but not in a eye-catching way. Also, the blue they chose bothers me for some reason...

Well, there you have it, my collection of good/bad design strait form the shelves of Target. What do you think? Do you agree with my assessment? Let me know!! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fascination with Jumping off of Buildings?

I know that the economy is bad right now...but jumping off of a building is NOT the answer!

No, don't jump! Wait, is that...Mr. Gormley?

This above image is a piece by artist Antony Gormley (check out his website, he has some really interesting things!). He set up life-size figures on top of New York buildings in order to inspire people to think about their surroundings. Oh, did I mention the figures are molds of himself? Read more about it here.

I like this ad...it is simple, but creative. As someone who is searching for a job in this economy I definitely get it. Good job Career Builder!