Monday, August 23, 2010

Missing Missy

If you are a graphic designer (or just someone who apreciates design humor), you should read this email exchange written by David Thorne:

It is hilarious!!! :D

Friday, August 13, 2010


If you have noticed my lack of posts lately, it is probably because I have been busy moving and traveling around the country. I used to live in Fort Worth, and now my husband and I have moved to Palmdale, CA. I do miss Fort Worth...hanging out at The Saucer, going to dinner at all of the tasty restaurants, walking my dog on Trinity Trail, and my favorite frozen yogurt place, Yogolait (The espresso yogurt with oreo cookie pieces and choc chips is to die for!) nothing else even compares!

However, I think I am fully adjusted to my new home, but I did have my reservations at first...

Where are all of the trees?
What!?! It is going to be 107 degrees tomorrow???
It takes how long to get to LA? But it is just over the mountains!
I just saw a real tumble weed...I guess we do really live in the desert!

Just as I was getting used to my new home, this happens less than 2 miles from my house:

Thankfully the fires were out in a few days. After the stress and all of the smoke inhalation, I needed a vacation. It was perfect timing that we had already planned a trip to Canada with my family. We spent a week in the North Channel, which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Just check out this pic of a secluded mountain lake, aptly named Lake Topaz after its brilliant blue color:

Lake Topaz, Ontario, Canada

I am now back in California. The fires are gone, the temperatures are down, and I am busy with freelance jobs. Look for future posts on my recent work!