Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Copy Cat

Although the packaging for Red Jak looks great (a few of my twitter friends were singing, I mean tweeting its praises)...I just can't get over the fact that they pretty much ripped off the colors/ideas of one of the most well known drink brands...Coke.

The reds of the two brands are slightly different (probably because Coke has trademarked their shade of red) but the overall color schemes are the same. If you took away the vertical red strip, the "low carb" version of Red Jak has almost the same packaging as Diet Coke, even similar flourishes (though Diet Coke uses them more subtlety).

This is iconic packaging.

So, Red Jak, even though I understand where you got your motivation, I wish it wasn't so close to the inspiration. Your packaging just reminds me of the way, I think I'll drink a Coke right now!

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