Friday, October 8, 2010

Gap...What were you thinking?!?

True redesign...or PR stunt?

I just had to write a blog about this monstrosity of a logo change...

Last Monday, Gap replaced its iconic 20-year-old blue box logo with "Gap" written in Helvetica with an echo of their blue box perched on the "p". I'm not against Helvetica, I think American Apparel does a wonderful job incorporating the typeface into their identity (see below), but Gap's redesign seems to have cheapened their image.

Tons of people Tweeted about the recent change, with one saying "The new Gap logo looks as if it were done in Microsoft Word"...ouch, that hurts. However, Gap stands behind its new look saying (via facebook) "...We love our version, but we'd like to see other ideas...". This leads me to believe that they want to see what the design community can come up with. What a perfect plan...

1. A big company releases a new logo that gets everyone all fired up
2. Then they suggest that designers come up with other better ideas
3. Wait for designers to send them ideas (for free!)

Will they keep their new logo? or Will they use someone else's idea? I'm interested to see what will happen!

A nice use of Helvetica. It's clean, simple, and to the point.

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